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Thank you for visiting our magnificent website! I am extremely excited about starting this journey as your new principal!! Friars Point Elementary School is a school with a strong support system.  Our vision is to educate all students to enable them to become contributing citizens and lifelong learners.  Our mission is to provide a quality education to our children that will allow them to compete in a global society.  Here at Friars Point Elementary School academic achievement for all students is our top priority!!

We have a staff of caring and effective individuals, who are always willing to work as a team. Teachers provide rigorous teaching and learning with many opportunities for students to explore, grow, and develop.  We are extremely proud of how far we have come this year, and we will continue to ensure that our students’ academic achievements soar!!!

I would like to encourage you, parents and community members, to become or stay an active part of our children’s education.  Please use our website to find other websites that may be useful to your child’s success.  Talk with your children about school so that you may build a relationship that helps solve their issues.  I have an open door policy and I am always here to help. 

Here at Friars Point, we accept the responsibility of providing quality education for all of our students. Please use this website to gather information about the school and important events, because great things are happening here at FRIARS POINT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!!!


Latasha Turner, Principal

July 31, 2017
Professional Development

August 1, 2017
Professional Development

August 2, 2017
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